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Excellent Classic Maintenance Cleaning Services boasts yet another outstanding year. The business started from humble beginnings twenty years ago, where the two founding members started with a vision and faith that if they put their heads down and got to work it would one day pay off. In doing so they gained years of experience working in the hospitality industry at star class hotels, which has helped them achieve a standard of service that is unsurpassed. Starting out with only a handful of small contracts in retail, commercial and domestic premises, employing just 25 people of which 20 were part-time employees they managed to gradually expand the business, and by undertaking diverse projects established EC in the cleaning industry.

why choose us

  • Quality trained staff and the most up-to-date equipment.
  • Professional scheduled maintenance cleaning for commercial and retail properties.
  • Proactive managers who uphold the highest quality assurance standards.
  • Customers receiving a complete cleaning service at a competitive price.
  • Security! All our cleaners are trained in safe key-holding. We will never have your keys with the address held in one place and if we lose your keys we will pay for new ones to be cut.

We are a close knit family and have looked after our employees while delivering an excellent service and maintaining a well satisfied customer base. This is the very reason why we at EC were still in demand even during the recent recession period this country suffered.


In those early years conditions were not particularly comfortable. We had only a makeshift office with a telephone and a fax machine. No mobile phones were used and all office work was done on papers with no computers which make life so much easier today.

Things have changed considerably since we established EC Maintenance as a privately-owned company and expanded our business. The early years were particularly difficult. We faced strong competition from more powerful competitors and on many an occasion we were close to going out of business. The turning point came in the year 2000 when we won several big contracts such as university accommodations, star class hotels, charity organisations, hospitals, restaurants, and supermarkets in the Melbourne area. We employed more staff and invested a considerable amount of money on state of the art equipment, machinery, environmentally friendly chemicals and staff training to adhere to OH&S standards and have grown from strength to strength ever since.

In recent years we have expanded our services and strengthened our position in construction site and building clearing. These changes have resulted in added strength to our current position. While making profits we have engaged in many a philanthropic activities and are pleased to record that a sizable amount of funds have been disbursed for charitable causes. There are just a few to mention:

- Organize relief activities for Tsunami affected people living in the Southern Province of Sri Lanka where EC Maintenance being the main contributor for providing linen for more than 1000 families in the year 1994.

- Initiated an annual health campaign for senior citizens living in the Kalutara Distric of Sri Lanka with the assistance of the Lions Club of Danenong City to provide them with reading glasses and specialized medical advises.

- Helped ICRC in distributing food items for people living in the conflict affected areas of the north Central province of Sri Lanka.

I would like to thank everyone for their hard work which has resulted in bringing about this success.

How We

-EC Founding member
Stephen Gamage

What Our

  • 26 Cunningham St, Dalby QLD 4405
    Mobile: 0422 485 671 Tel: 07 4662 4625
    We are a group of companies operating in several states of which cleaning is one area of service that we provide. EC Maintenance has been working as our cleaning subcontractor for over eight years and we found that its employees perform their duties meticulously to the utmost satisfaction of our customers and the staff. The wonderful thing that we observed with EC Maintenance is that no job is too small or too big for them. I recommend their services to any organization seeking a high level professional job.
    Rica Vidana
    CleanLink NSW Pty Ltd
  • PO Box 9220, South Yara 3141
    Mobile: 0423 469 569
    Stephen is a very approachable person and never complains but complies with all our requirements. EC Maintenances made us feel that they are part and parcel of our company. With EC Maintenance we never had to worry about the cleanliness of our premises and their employees always ensure not only the cleanliness of our premises but also the tidiness as well. That is a huge sigh of relief for us.
    Lidia Paul
    AIMC Australian Visas
  • 40 Gourlay Rd, Hill Side, Melbourne Victoria 3037
    Tel: 03 8358 2549
    We were always yearning to maintain our outlets spick and span and appealing for our customers while stores are kept clean and tidy. After trying out several contractors it was the EC Maintenance who was able to perform this task to our utmost satisfaction. They have the knack for detailing and relieved us from worrying about our daily cleaning and maintenance chores. EC Maintenance made everything easy for us.
    David Niglia
    RAINBOW Health Pharmacies
  • 16 Adelaide Street, Dandenong, Victoria 3175
    Tel: 03 9791 1066 Fax: 03 9791 6007
    EC Maintenance has been in contract with us since the inception of I Cook Catering Services. Thanks to EC Maintenance I Cook still confidently serve our customers all our delicious dishes prepared under the same ultra-hygienic environment and our customers too can enjoy their meals surrounded by a pleasant environment. The relation between the two companies have been so close that we all feel as if we are one family. EC maintenance has been a pillar for our success and I wish Stephen and all his employees’ success.
    Ian Cook
    I Cook Catering Services
  • Suite 5 No. 387 Springvale Road Springvale Victoria 3171
    Tel: 03 9546 2681 Fax: 03 9546 7255
    Over the past 10 years we have had the privilege of using Excellent Classic Maintenance Cleaning Services in providing our company with a maintenance service on a fortnightly basis.
    Over those years they have demonstrated to us that the service they provide is above par. We have had other cleaning services; however, we had to unfortunately let them go as their services were not up to standard. Since engaging Excellent Classic Maintenance Cleaning Services we have never looked back.
    We gladly recommend their services, and if you want a good job done, they are the people you should talk to.
    Hilary Taylor
    Springvale Taxation & Investment Pty Ltd

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