Do Carpet Cleaning in an Eco-friendly Way

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April 10, 2016
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April 22, 2016
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Do Carpet Cleaning in an Eco-friendly Way

Beautiful carpets can have a huge impact on the way that your home looks, in another word, adds beauty to your house, but at the same time it is really important to clean and maintain your carpet. However, traditional commercial carpet-cleaning solutions contain a cocktail of noxious synthetic chemicals and might cause harsh smell. In order to take good care of your carpet, you need to choose some eco-friendly carpet cleaning alternatives.

Chemicals like perchloroethylene, naphthalene may cause dizziness, fatigue and nausea and has been linked to kidney and liver damage, so one of the eco-friendly way to clean your carpet is to avoid using them. Instead, you are recommended to use some vinegar (the very same kind you cook with) and also some water and then apply them to the affected area, blotting with a clean, dry towel. Using a combination of vinegar and water to clean carpets and remove stains helps to kill germs because it is acidic and very effective in cleaning grease off your carpets.

With the growing popularity of green cleaning, a new breed of professional cleaning services has sprung up that eschews dangerous and polluting chemicals in favor of more natural solutions. If you want to hire professionals to clean your carpet, you need to check your local yellow pages or do a search online for professionals in your area that provide “eco” carpet cleaning. Before hiring professionals, you need to ask them some questions. For example, you need to know whether their cleaning way is plant or chemical based or whether they can reduce allergens like dust and animal hair and leaving a pleasant smell after carpet cleaning.

If you do carpet cleaning in an eco-friendly way, you will be offering your household with the safest, as well as cleanest, residence feasible.